How does the ETFDAO platform work?

ETF DAO is a blockchain-based distributed financial (DeFi) technology and the issued token name is TFD. Since the Maker of DAO project has implemented some DeFi features, it has achieved great results and commercial results so far. Fully expanding the goal of DeFi and developing a new generation of decentralized digital financial technology, TFDao will be a jewel on the giant’s shoulder and dedicated to the digital financial community in 2020.

System Framework Introduction

TFDao is an investment and settlement agreement composed of a set of smart contracts, and an offline investment and supervision solution developed on this basis. TFDao contains two sets of digital currencies, one type is the stable currency cornerstone settlement based on TFDao, and the other is Settlement based on a variable currency based on etf investment. Any account can own both types of currencies and exchange them through corresponding settlement transaction contracts, or trade through a decentralized exchange (dex) in the market.
The TFDao foundation will provide a total of 20% of the basic reserve as a cornerstone of the start-up project, that will be used to repay unknown risks arising from the operation of the stable coin in the project

Goals And Objectives GOALS

Establish a community autonomous financial system and implement modern financial transformation of existing digital currency products in accordance with certain rules.

  • Establish communication channels between existing physical finance and digital currency finance.
  • Establish a community co-governance rule and a technology roadmap that can grow in line with future trends.
  • In the digital currency world, share the latest global economic achievements.
  • Architectural docking of the People’s Bank of China DC / EP and Facebook Libra.

TFDao Financial Operation Process

The design goal of TFDao is to continuously evolve according to the current operating scale and community needs to form a distributed financial system with its own characteristics. At present, the preliminary plan for TFDao includes the following four forms
At present, the foundation’s responsibilities include:

Basic Form

The core symbol is that TFDao supports bond distribution and credit financing

Ordinary Form

The core mark is that TFDao supports vdao, andrealizes the etf investment fund portfolio based on community autonomy

Evolutionary Form

The core symbol is that TFDao provides a set of digital financial investment system based on community autonomy.

Future Form

TFDao realizes a distributed autonomous digital central bank and forms a stable, self-evolving community autonomous financial system that supports the full integration of online and offline finance.


Q1 2020

· Idea Generation
· DeFi Product Research
· Issue ERC20 tokens for TFDAO ecology

Q2 2020

· Team forming
· 1St Community Survey
· Cooperate with DEFI on Tron
· DeFi Lending Product design&Prototype

Q3 2020

· 2nd Global Community Survey
· TFDAO Liquidity Mining
· Intelligent contract was developed based on Tron's public chain system and TRC20 sub-tokens were issued

Q4 2020

· TFDAO Lending Protocol v1 Launch

Q1 2021

· Scope of Synthetic Assets Enhancement

Q2 2021

· Exclusive Yield Farming Migration Program Launch

Q3 2021

· Decentralized Counterparty Pool Upgrade
· Explore Adding Bond and STD Issuance

Q4 2021

· User Growth Campaigns
· Other Additional Features
· Potential Stablecoin Release

The Team TEAM

The ETFDAO Team combines a passion for industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.


Co-Founder and CEO
Will was the Head of Financial Markets for OKGroup and the CEO for OKCoin Securities LLC. He joined from Noble Capital International LLC (NCI), where he served as a Senior Portfolio Manager, the President and a member of ExCo.


Co-Founder and COO
BS in economics from Boston University;
Master of Finance from Columbia University;
Trader of credit derivatives at JP Morgan;
Credit risk manager at Citi


Previously the co-founder and CTO of a start-up of DFS based on silicon valley;
Site reliability engineer at Google;
Financial software engineer at Bloomberg ;
Graduated from UIUC with B.S in Computer Science

Fred Zhang

BS in physics from Peking University;
PhD in physics from CUNY;
Worked in Deutsche Bank and focused on derivative pricing, quantitative strategies and risk management.

Flona Huang

AI Advisor
Master of Artificial Intelligence from Tsinghua University,Research direction is machine learning. Published 3 academic papers and 1 national patent in school. Research results are being used in High-speed Train, Aero-engine, Safety Monitoring and other fields.


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Project Risk And Response Plan

When a transaction loophole occurs in TFDao, the basic loss will be compensated through the provision of funds; and through the relevant dao voting mechanism, the funds will be frozen without being transferred to ensure that losses are minimized. In addition, a public chain suitable for TFDao governance will be constructed Is also a feasible path

Investment vulnerabilities usually occur in the case of exIF interfaces and malicious or erroneous third-party investors. Therefore, TFDao will ensure the security of the investment process and timely update of data through third-party audits and bounty programs. In addition, TFDao uses a third-party security deposit. Plan to reduce certain operational risks. In addition, traditional risk control methods will also be electronically audited through third-party notarization.

After TFDao enters the evolution stage, some physical assets will enter the community dao system, which is an inaccurate mapping. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the mapping risk through system margin and strengthen real-time electronic supervision. In addition, this part needs to be The total amount of assets is limited to an acceptable range, such as occupying less than 20% of the total assets of Dao.

The most important thing of the dao system is to prevent voting forks, or large shareholders hijacking the interests of small shareholders. Therefore, in the dao investment agreement, a sequential payment method will be adopted to give priority to guaranteeing the interests of small shareholders; meanwhile, small shareholders are facing damage to their interests. At the same time, it is allowed to automatically transfer assets to sdao to ensure security risks. In addition, according to the situation of community division, a consistency agreement will be forcibly started, and the fork governance agreement will be rolled back to ensure overallconsistency.

The biggest risk of the dao system is that hackers find loopholes in smart contracts and destroy them before the vulnerability is fixed. The dao event on Ethereum leads to the final fork and a large amount of financial loss. Therefore, etdao will use a risk reserve method to solve this problem. Including: Loophole bounty program; Anti-theft risk provision Regular security audit and snapshot freezing mechanism; Large amount of delayed effective mechanism

When the central bank issues digital currency, if it encounters relevant regulations on TFDao, the foundation will make contract modifications in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and submit them to the entire dao community to vote. If the vote passes, dao continues to operate, and if the vote does not pass, return Returning to the basic form of operation, all third-party investments are redeemed in an orderly manner, the accounts are cleared, and finally the purpose of TFDao continues tooperate.

When encountering unknown issues in Dao, a voting resolution will be initiated through the foundation, and solutions will be given without losing the interests of most shareholders. In addition, compensation can be made through risk reserves to ensure the continued operation of the system

The dao system has no centralization problem in its basic form. The decentralization problem will be solved in the future through the dao voting form.


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